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BREAKING News: Massive car accident on Sheikh Zayed Road causes vehicle to burst into flames

July 13, 2018 Carfix Compare

On Sunday afternoon, a series of vehicles were involved in a massive accident on Sheikh Zayed road causing one of the cars to burst into flames, according to authoritative bodies in Dubai. Another report by Gulf News stated that there were around 5 cars involved in the accident.

A helicopter, two fire trucks and three ambulances were part of the rescue team, which occurred near the Jebel Ali metro station, in the area of the Sheikh Zayed Road bounded by the Abu Dhabi. Casualties were not reported as yet, although it was clarified that reports will be produced after a detailed investigation procedure.

The tragic accident caused a traffic jam on the road. Some of the motorists recorded the site of the accident that clearly shows thick, black smoke rising from the site of the incident. The clips show how it has caused a major disturbance to the moving traffic.

In the aftermath of the accident, news channels and radio experts advised motorists to take alternative routes to avoid being stuck in the taut traffic situation on the Sheikh Zayed Road. Motorists were warned to be precautious on wet roads and maintain low speeds to minimize the chances of a road accident.

The accident took place in the evening; a time where traffic is at its peak, forcing motorists to delay some of their tasks but as the concerned authorities and medical aid arrived at the scene, traffic conditioned seemed to get better.

The authorities reported certain steps would be taken to avoid accidents in the future. Safety education will be focused on for drivers, while traffic authorities will help in maintaining discipline, especially on busy roads like Sheikh Zayed Road.

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