Seven Tips to Lower Car Expenses after You Buy In the UAE

June 13, 2018 Carfix Compare

From driving in a sensible way to turning off your engine on the red light, there are multiple ways of cutting the cost of driving a vehicle.

After you buy a car, maintaining and operating it can quickly add up to the creation of an enormous drain on the expenses and finances.

There can be numerous measures that might keep these payments in check.

Meanwhile, you can make some investments through savings by decreasing the consumption of your fuel, you can get an advantage by being understanding when it is about maintenance and repairing- expenses that will gradually increase with the age of your car.

Where some expenses of a car can be really challenging as compared to others, it is much better to be active in decreasing the expenses of the maintenance of your car. It is very important to remember that reducing your operational expenses will not just reduce the bills, but will also help in keeping your car running more efficiently.

Here I have enlisted 7 tips for keeping your expenses managed and under control:

  1. Drive Carefully

High speed, racing and irregular breaking are said to be the fastest ways of burning through the tank of petrol. This aggressive driving and speeding might lessen your fuel mileage by approximately 15 – 30 percent.

  1. Tracking The Speed

Because of the fact that every car carries its own ideal petrol mileage, petrol consumption usually increase after reaching the speed of 80 KM per hour. Each 15km per hour rise after this will result in 20 percent extra fuel consumption. With the increasing cost of fuel in Dubai, one should think twice before speeding above 80 kilometer per hour.

  1. Avoid Lazing

If your car is parked, turn off the engine. Every 10 minutes of idling could consume about 1 liter of gas which depends on the engine, size of engine and the use of air conditioning. If you purchase a brand new or a used car, be careful with the auto start and stop feature. In this meantime, turn off your engine when the car is parked or while standing still in traffic.

  1. Service And Maintenance Of Your Car

You should check the manual of your car for its maintenance schedule and just make sure that you stick to that schedule. Changing the oil and filters regularly is necessary to confirm the engine and other transmission parts are lubricated for avoiding overheating.


  1. Knowing Your Car

Try to manage minor repairs yourself, for instance, replacing the wiper blades, lights and fuses on your own. However, there are other major repairs that should be always handled by an experienced professional which includes the regular services for brake pad changing, oil and filter.

  1. Rotate The Tyres

Because of constant turning, the front tyres of a car wear quickly as compared to the rear tyres. Rotating helps the tyre wear more uniformly and lasts much longer. Get your tyres rotated at a petrol station or a local garage.

  1. Use A Suggested Grade Of Engine Oil

Energy conserving engine oil not just offer friction decreasing capacities, but also expands the gas mileage by 1-2 percent and it also improves the maintenance of your car. This helps in extending your engine’s lifetime as lesser energy is being consumed in the drive.

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