QMy car needs to be fixed, how does the site work?

Simply follow these 4 steps to request a free quote:
1. Enter your details.
2. Get quotes.
3. Choose a garage.
4. Leave feedback.

QHow do I request quotes?

Start at the Home page and complete the forms. Enter your car's registration, details and provide a description of the work needed. Garages will be notified and respond to you via the messaging system with quotes, so don’t forget to check your email.

QHow much does it cost?

It is free for drivers to request quotes at carfixcompare. Just pay for the work carried out at the garage as you always would.

QHow will garages contact me?

Mechanics will contact you via the website’s messaging system. You will then receive a notification from us via email. Then all you need to do is log in and respond to the garage. Only garages who have quoted can see your contact details.

QHow long will it take to get a response?

This isn’t an easy one, It all depends on the number of registered mechanics in your area, the type of work you need and the make and model of your car. Try to provide as much information as possible as this will increase your likelihood of receiving quotes. As more and more Mechanics and Garages join the site times should improve.

QHow long will my quote request be on the site?

Until you accept a quote or cancel the request. If you don't accept a quote we will automatically remove the request from the site after approximately 30 days.

QWhy is my vehicle registration required?

Garages need to know the exact make and model of your car as well as other details about your vehicle. This can be achieved by providing your registration and will allow garages to give a more accurate quote.

QWhat details are required when requesting a quote?

Your cars make, model, registration number and year. Then the services you require followed by a brief description of the issue. We also need your name, email and phone number to allow garages to contact you.

QCan I request a quote from a particular garage?

Yes. If you have found a garage and would like them to quote, click on the “request a quote” button which is under their company profile. Your request will still go to other garages to allow you to compare options.

QHow do I get responses from garages?

When a garage responds to your request you'll get an email letting you know. To view the response, log in to your account and use our messaging system to discuss details with the mechanic

QHow do I accept a quote?

Click the "Choose this garage" button which will then remove your request from the site and decline quotes from all other garages.
All quotes accepted through the site are indicative and non-binding.

QWhat happens after I've accepted a quote?

Your request will be removed from the site and you will be able to chat to the garage you chose using our messaging system. You should then arrange a time and date to get the work carried out directly with the mechanic.

After your job is completed please leave honest and fair feedback. This helps other users select with confidence and rewards quality garages.

QHow do I give feedback?

Your Feedback is very Important. After the quote is accepted and work carried out log into your account area, find your request in the "My Quotes" section and click the "Leave Feedback" button. Leave a brief rating and review comments to recommend the garage to others.

QCan I cancel my request?

Yes, log in and click "Cancel Request".

QWho is this site for?

This service is for anyone who has a car problem, in need of a Service, vehicle testing or a diagnosis. Please only use the service if you have a genuine repair or servicing need. All quote requests are live and garages will individually quote as they receive the alerts so please respect their time.

QDoes CarFixCompare recommend specific garages?

No. We remain impartial and this is why your feedback is so important. Future drivers will use your feedback to make a selection. We aim to provide a network built on trust.

QCan I recommend a garage to join your site?

Yes, please do. We would love to add your garage to our network. Please contact us and we'll get in touch with them

QCan I leave a comment or suggestion?

Yes, all feedback is welcome. Contact us with your comment, question or feedback and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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